Celebrating 30 years –

We opened our little café on October 16, 1989, in the back of a funky old brick building next to the old ferry dock. We started off by just selling fish and chips on the dock, with a little basket we could lower down to the water for boaters and kayakers. We used the kitchen inside for prep, but operated out of our little wooden food cart. The days were long and business was sweet. The business was intended to be only for the summer months. At the end of the first summer, we realized that with a year round lease, we should move indoors for the winter months and open a café…

The intention was to keep it small and simple. We had 12 tables, a staff of ten, and a very simple lunch and dinner menu. The local boat builders would pile in at lunch time for a hot bowl of soup, smelling like wood shavings and flirting with the servers, and the local business people would have their lunch meetings next to the fire. We knew everyone by name.

When our lease expired after 5 years we decided we were not ready to stop. We bought the old Elks building at the other end of the street and began the largest remodel of a downtown Victorian building to that date. It took almost an entire year, and every waking minute of our lives. We re-opened our new, much larger and modern version of the Silverwater in May of 1996. With paint drying on the walls, we opened with a staff of 40 and 30 tables.

Since then we have added the Mezzaluna Lounge on our mezzanine level, offering cocktails and custom libations to the entire restaurant. The Mezzaluna stays open after the dining room has closed, with a more intimate close to the evenings. We offer light dinners and pub fare after dinner is over, until 11:00.

In September of 2013 we went into collaboration with our neighboring movie theatre. On the top floor of this beautiful building we now have an intimate movie theatre with a full bar and menu of heavy appetizers and small plates. The room holds 45 viewers, with the choice of overstuffed antique chairs and loveseats. The 16 foot ceilings hold crystal chandeliers and state of the art surround sound speakers to create an intimate state of the art experience.

When preparing your food we use the finest, freshest ingredients available. Each dish is crafted with our own hands and created from our hearts. Our philosophy is that in this world of constant change, there needs to be places that feel like going home; places to re-charge where you can duck out for a moment, relax, eat a great meal,capture a smile and remember to take in a deep breath. Our aim is and has always been to make the Silverwater one of these places. We believe that life is about good food and good friends.

We believe in supporting the community in which we live. We appreciate the products that we are able to purchase locally from all of the wonderful establishments and people in our community.  We are blessed with local farm fresh produce, seafood, meats, cheeses, wines, ciders, teas, kombucha, ice cream, breads, beers, and more.  Our back door swings in for these deliveries every day, and our friends in the food industry have worked with us for a long time.  We are grateful to work with them and would not be who we are without them.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we recycle everything we can.Our pre-consumer vegetable scraps, brewed teas and coffee grounds go back with our farmers to their compost piles. Our used fryer oil is being turned into fuel, and we serve filtered water.

We love what we do, and we continuously strive to perfect our craft. Each day we try and bring inspiration to one another so that we can incorporate it into our work, and, ultimately, bring it to you.