Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu

All of our desserts are made fresh at the Silverwater.

Desserts are 7.5

Add ala mode with Vanilla Bean ice cream. 1.75.

Signature of the Northwest, a slightly tart Marion Blackberry pie with hand crafted lattice crust. Contains no dairy or animal products.

Real espresso adds a “zing” to this rich, creamy chocolate treat.

Peaches and Amaretto with a touch of cinnamon in a flaky crust, topped with buttery oat and brown sugar crumble.

White chocolate softens and rounds the crisp flavor of raspberry.

Classic caramel topped custard with a Silverwater twist, a hint of coconut. Smooth and delicious.

There is always room for this favorite classic, made with real Key lime juice and a rich chocolate crust.

Rich and creamy, but light as a cloud. Ask your server for today’s flavor!

Small moist chocolate cake with a warm chocolate center and berry sauce.

Trailhead, New Moon, Cirrus & Chipotle curds with amaretto cherries, fresh apple & spiced nuts. $14.

Top quality hand crafted teas, served in a french press.
* Caffeine Free

A locally-made brisk ginger-mint herbal blend (good for circulation and digestion).

A calming herbal blend with chamomile, lavender, oat straw and lemon balm.

Ginger, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, turmeric and lemon oil give depth and structure to this intense yet balanced, herbal tea.

Warm the heart with this herb tea of cinnamon, ginger and spices with a plum finish.

Rich bodied red bush with exotic, jazzy vanilla and almond notes.

Japanese green tea and toasted brown rice. Refreshing, delicious and low in caffeine.

Handcrafted  green and white tea, infused with the world’s finest jasmine.

One of China’s most popular oolongs with a deep, rich flavor.

The highest grade of black teas blended with oil of bergamot.

A stout China black tea 100% keemun.

A blend of four black teas with a hint of black currant, vanilla and caramel.

China black tea infused with chocolate and hazelnut – dreamy!

China tea leaves are smoked over pine wood to give this very unique tea its dark and rich flavor.