Silverwater Libations

Gosling dark rum with ginger ale and a dash of bitters. 8.

Absolut raspberry, triple sec, fresh strawberry puree and lemonade shaken and served over ice. 9.

Chambord, Stoli Orange, sweet and sour, cranberry juice and an orange slice. 8.

Bacardi rum, cranberry and grapefruit juice with a squeeze of lime. 8.

Stoli vodka, fresh mango puree and our house blend of lemon and lime shaken and served over ice. 9.

Godiva chocolate liqueur and Malibu rum shaken and served over ice. Topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut. 9.

Classic made with Cuervo Gold. 8. With choice of fresh puree of mango, strawberry or pomegranate served on the rocks. 2.

Jack Daniels, triple sec, our own house blend of lemon and lime with a splash of sprite. 8.

Muddled mint, sugar cube, lime, Bacardi rum and topped with soda. 8.

Choose your favorite puree of mango, strawberry or pomegranate and we’ll top it with your own split of Zardetto, Prosecco. 9.

Absolut pear, St. Germain, house blend of lemon-lime, with a splash of sprite. 8.


Stoli Vanila and Godiva dark and white chocolate, rimmed with dark chocolate. 8.

Southern Comfort shaken with Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice. 8.

Absolut and a hint of Chambord. 8.

Yazi ginger vodka and Absolute Mandarin shaken with a squeeze of orange and a ginger sugar rimmed glass. 9.

Absolut vodka and Tuaca rimmed with fine espresso. 8.

Stoli Vanila, Triple Sec, fresh lemon, and sweet and sour with a splash of orange. 8.

Absolut Raspberry Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, fresh lime juice and sweet and sour. 8.

Hendrick’s gin, muddled cucumber, lime and our house infused nettle syrup. Served up with a slice of cucumber. 9.

Jim Beam Rye, sugar cube, orange bitters and a splash of Absente served with a twist. 9.

Hendrick’s gin, cucumber, lime and St. Germain. 9.

St. Germain, Grey Goose, lime and pomegranate shaken and served up. 9.


Sugar rimmed coffee with 151 rum, Kahlua, dark cocoa and Cointreau topped with whipping crème, a squeeze of orange and a dash of Tia Maria. 9.

Metaxa, Amaretto and coffee with whipped crème and a dash of Galliano. 7.

Brandy, Kahlua and coffee. 7.

Kahlua, Amaretto and coffee topped with toasted almonds and whipped cream. 7.

Coffee with Galliano, light cocoa, a dash of half and half, topped with whipping crème and a splash of amaretto. 7.

Jim Beam, honey, hot water and lemon slice. 6. Take it up a notch to Maker’s Mark or Yazi Ginger for 1.

Coffee with Gran Marnier, dark cocoa, Brandy and whipping cream. 7.

Tuaca, cider and whipped cream. Creamy apple pie goodness. 7.

Mt. Gay rum, Tia Maria, coffee, whipped crème, topped with chocolate. 7.

Myers dark rum, Harvey’s mix and a sprinkle of nutmeg. 7.

The perfect blend of Stoli Vanila and Chambord with hot chocolate. It’s like dessert in a cup. 8.

Peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate. Where cool meets hot… topped with whipped cream. 7.